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is this normal?


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Evening all,


I've just started my first and very brief maintenance period. I opened up my Selecon Rama PC's to find that, in a few of them, the coating on the holders for the reflector and the lens were blistering and flaking away, as is (hopefully) shown in these pictures:






I'm just checking to make sure that this is definitely a defect in the product and not something that's perfectly normal for a lighting fixture that has only been in use since last november! Save myself some embarrassment before I give the supplier a mouthful over the phone...





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Ive got Both CCT Minuette PC's and Acclaim PC's, both have evidence on both the inside and outside of paint flaking.


I know of plenty of hire Co's around here who stock Acclaim Profiles and Fresnel's, from them to be originally black, but now are half black, half silver. Due to the heat flaking a large proportion of the paint off on the top!


It all depends how much you have used them in this period of time. But personally I would say its a perfectly normal thing, but I might be wrong on this.

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I've had dozens of Selecon units where this has happenned and although its a bit of a pain, its not a problem. Occasionally you can get a flake land on the lens which gives a bit of a blob and a lot of headscratching as to what that dirty mark is in the light. I find that a quick brush down with a dry soft 2" paint brush (once the unit is unplugged and cooled down of course) is acceptable to get rid of the majority of excess paint followed by a spray can air blower to clean out the bits which fall into those awkward places and then you are up and running again.


Hope that helps.



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