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Hey people. Very urgent matter here!! have an important gig on friday and im trying to get my strobe to sync with my sessions in ableton live.

I have:




NJD MCD128 midi - DMX converter



I have set the midi channel on the NJD box to 1


I can get the strobe to fire, but only when I press 2 keys on my midi keyboard at a velocity of 100


and the strobe isnt even half as bright as it is when its not using DMX. this is the issue.... I can sync it to the beats, but its just not bright enough.


the NJD manual states that midi velocity controls brightness. but I can only even get the strobe to fire at velocity of 100


the strobe manual states that DMX channel 1 controlls dimming and it has in brackets 100percent. it states that for this it uses values 000-250




im completely new to all this, and very desperate to get it sorted by friday as otherwise our gig will be half as intense!!


really appreciate any help!!!



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