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Hi all,


Another question about computer based lighting control (I know there are quite a few at the mo but this one is a little more specific).


How easy is it to run the HOG PC software with just a DMX Wiget without touchscreens or wings?? Would you be able to run a show like that??


Also if you have got any other experiance with HOG PC that you wouldn't mind sharing that would be lovely.


Many thanks,



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If it's just playback of a simple show, that just needs Go button presses and a small amount of other keypresses and touchscreen operation, I'd have thought it would be OK. If you knew the structure of the show was fairly well defined, and you could program everything you needed into one cuelist, firing off virtual masters and comment macros when required, then it would be a nice, cheap, simple solution. For any more complex playback, though (perhaps involving manual fader movements, or any sort of non-linear cue structure where you might need to jump about the cuelists in an unpredictable way), or for any sort of programming other than the very simple stuff, I probably wouldn't recommend it.
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We recently switched to the HogPC from our Hog1000 board.


If you plan on doing any programming, it is very difficult. Are you using just conventionals or intellys too? Intellegents are nearly impossible to program without a wing. I think you can buy a standard trackball mouse and that might work, but it will be a pain.


For conventional programming, not so bad. On/Off. The previous poster is correct in his opinions of playback. If you will not be needing to fade manually any faders, and will only need to playback through the cuelist in order, then wings aren't nessesary, but there nice.


We dont have touch screens, but we have both wings and that works great for us.


Our setup: lots of conventionals, and 8 intellys.


Let me know if you have any specific questions about setup, purchasing, installation or use I would love to help ya.



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