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Programmable Ethernet Control Panels


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I have a pet project involving watchout and a few other applications that I really want to create a nice physical control surface. Everything involved has an ethernet protocol I can use to automate with - what I am after is a nice piece of hardware that will allow me to do it.


I know of a number of bits of hardware which integrate with a PC (generally USB) and run a piece of software to translate, I also have a bevvy of apps on various touch screen devices that can do it. It would not be hard to write a piece of arduino code (or other microprocessor code) and use GPI's as well. But I really want a nice polished piece of hardware if it exists. OLED with internal logic to allow me to do things like pages would be awesome (and probably prohibitively expensive for a pet project), but I would honestly be happy with blank keys and a single page.


Anyone know of a piece of hardware that fits my bill?

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That cannot control devices directly, and it not really the right form factor for what I want to do


What I want is similar to this - obviously without the $4k price tag - so drop the LCD Keys etc. I don't think their ethernet card talks to anything but their software either, so another point against it.


I have PLC's and things like Crestron processors which I could easily program to do the job and then wire a matrix of buttons to them giving me a similar result to what I am after, I could also use a number of touch screen bits of software running on a tablet or iPad giving me a neat and sleek looking solution or I could use something similar to arduino and program myself.


I want to make sure that I cannot get exactly the solution I am after (a nice off the shelf device where I can plug it in, program each button to send TCP or UDP strings over ethernet to a couple of devices which does not rely on an intermediary system to "translate" for it) before I whip out the soldering iron and the coding tools and build a solution.

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