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Backstage working lights


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Hi All,


I've had a look around the forums and can't find anything on this...


We are an amateur group, typically using 3 or 4 different venues depending on the type of show.


Wing lights is always a bit of a problem, and we typically rig whatever lights we have left with a congo blue gel.


What I think would be easier and quicker, would be half a dozen LED clip lamps which can be installed as needed.

Does anyone have any comments or further suggestions on this? If you agree with LED clip lamps, can you recommend any suitable for this purpose?



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I've made good use of these before at an outdoor drama festival. LED lights of various types where used backstage to guide people around, these where for where people actually had to see something.




Alternatively a quick google for "rechargeable LED work light" brings up a lot of items.

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What about something like this? You could stick it to a wall, back of a set, floor, etc, and can run off a cheap 12v power pack.


With a careful bit of cutting and soldering, you can actually make several pieces out of it. (I have a white strip, that is marked every 20cm for cutting)

If you get the ones marked "waterproof", the LEDs are encapsulated in clear polyurethane which runs the full length of the strip, which makes it harder to cut the strip into pieces, although still possible.


There are various colours available, so you could put yellow on overhead obstructions, or white on the front of backstage steps, etc.


You can also get a full RGB stip (I have two 30cm strips) which simply plug into each other to extend to pretty much any length you like, and using resistors, you can set each colour to whatever brightness you want, making it fully controllable. You could even use one of these to control them.


If you do get the RGB strip, check whether it's common anode or common cathode, so you know which controller to get (or how to wire them up)

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Just to give you a start...once you start looking on google you will be amazed at the sheer number of designs out there.


No real need to spend much over a fiver.


I have some which have a magnet, hook, velcro and even keyhole fixings. You could even use a bulldog clip should the need ever arise to afix to fabric. Fixture does not even get warm so virtually no danger of ignition from heat.

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I have seen little Mighty Bright lights (And plenty of copies for significantly cheaper), designed for use on Music stand used to iluminate certain areas backstage, the light they spit out is pritty localised, so you may not even need gel to cover them. THey run off 3x AAA batteries and last quite a while on just this.


You would need a decent number but I picked a few up for under $2ea I think off eBay (Dual Head type), so pritty reasonable.


If you need something brighter I would look at the other posts here.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I was slightly concerned about battery operated units as inevitably these are on for hours at a time, and I don't want to be replacing batteries every other performance. That said, various comments on the web seem to suggest they last 'forever' so perhaps it's just one of those things we just need to try :rolleyes:
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