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Stage Lighting For Students.


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I think I may have thrown this link in before, but I believe it's been updated and will bear a bump either way.


Stage Lighting For Students

I did ponder whether to post it in the NG pages, but decided that it could transcend the age groups and be useful to others.


Compiled by a guy some of the old hands from the Stagecraft mailing list may recognise - Jeff Salzburg - and a colleague of his - Judy Kupferman - "an American-born Israeli lighting designer, technician and educator".


It is a resource that's biassed towards the US side of the market, so likely lots of those American versions of tech terms will be in there, but nonetheless I see it as a potentially valuable source for the newer lighting design wannabes out there. I've referred several youngsters who've started with us at my venue to these pages, as well as pointing them in the direction of the usual hard-copy books on the subject and several have commented very positively on the content.


Oh, and at my request, Jeff's added the Blue Room as a link from their main page.

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