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Martin 218s

James C

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I've just started at a venue that holds 4x 218s roboscans. In the absence of any manuals on the venue's part, or knowledge about waggling buckets on mine, I was wondering what the "s" refers to - does that differentiate MkI from MkII? or does it mean something else entirely? Once I know, I can download the appropriate manual etc from the Martin site, but living on dialup means I don't want to spend all day downloading the lot to see which ones refer to my lights.


Anyone? (Any handy advice on them also greatly appreciated - what is it about them that will make me want to kick them? Any useful operating tips (we've a Martin controller for them - I gather from bits and bobs that I've previously read here that an Express 48/96 isn't ideal for fixtures.)? What spares should I order now that will need replacing every 5 mins?)


Thanks in advance,



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Guest lightnix

You can find the manuals here on the Martin site. Use the Products / Lights menu to find manuals, DMX tables and EPROM software. The manual for the 218 is 73kB, with the Mk2 at 494kB.


Do Martin arrange any training for them? I was under the impression that their training is pretty well organised these days.

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Hi, Chris "that training guy from Martin" here.


We do not offer regular advanced training on the 218's any more, however the General Service course does cover the technology used in them, and will get you out of most problems.


For our current timetable and to make bookings, go to www.martin.com/academedia

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