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Calling All Truss Manufacturers!


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Ah, good, you’ve arrived.


Please bear with me, as this is quite long winded, and doesn’t mention stage things ‘till much later.


What I’d like to do here is to tell you about a problem I’m having in my day job and send an open plea to all lighting truss manufacturers to save every council a fortune, and make themselves one in the process.


This Lattix stuff that I’ve mentioned is a new system for mounting road signs, that’s being forced upon local authorities as a result of a new departmental standard called TA 89/04 "Use of passively safe signposts to BS EN 12767â€.


What this does is severely restrict the use of standard signs poles for mounting road signs, unless you spend loads of taxpayers’ cash on providing safety barrier around them. Where you used to be able to mount a sign on 2 x 139mm.dia. poles without barrier, you can now only use 89mm.dia – which is a BIG problem. In effect, you have a 300% increase on the cost of many road signs to provide barrier around poles that never used to need it!


This Lattix stuff that I mentioned is a brand name for the only lattice-type masting that meets the criteria of this new standard and that is currently available to councils.


The manufacturer has a worldwide patent and the supplier is the sole importer and, without any competition, the product is priced accordingly! Also, how can a local authority show the public that they’re getting “value†if they can’t get comparable quotes?


Having looked at this stuff close up, my first though was “This looks like lighting truss gone funnyâ€. Have a look at the manufacturers (Jularco) web site and you’ll see what I mean.


All the above started the old brain into gear and got me thinking that, surely, this could be another application for triangular or box lighting truss, both of which could probably take the wind loadings and both of which are churned out by several manufacturers.


In essence, what you’d be doing would be turning the truss through 90 degrees and instead of having an end mounting point with a hung load at right-angles, you’d have a ground mounting with a wind load at right angles.


The market is already there, as councils have to implement the design standard and I know that my boss would jump at the chance of an alternative product.


If any truss manufacturers want more information, email me & I’ll happily discuss the issue.

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Guest lightnix

Sounds like another staggering waste of public money by the Nanny State in order to protect the public from completely non-existent "danger", along with their own, grossly overpaid jobs; while at the same time essential services are continuously underfunded.


Apart from that, have you contacted Chris Higgs?

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