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I'm filling in my 6th Form application form. What subjects do I need to get into MOST technical theatre college's.


Here's a list of all the subjects I can take.


  • Art And design AS/A2
  • Art and design VCE
  • Art And Design Gnvq intermediate
  • Biology AS/A2
  • Business Studys AS/A2
  • Business Studys VCE
  • Business Studys GNVQ intermediate
  • Chemistry AS/A2
  • Computing AS/A2
  • Computer installation and networking City and guilds level 2 qualification
  • Critical Thinking AS/A2
  • Design Technology Food Technology AS/A2
  • Design Technology Product Design AS/A2
  • English Literature AS/A2
  • French AS/A2
  • Geography AS/A2
  • German AS/A2
  • Helth and Social care VCE
  • Helth and Social care GNVQ intermediate
  • History AS/A2
  • Information & communication technology VCE
  • Information & communication technology GNVQ intermediate
  • Lesuire and Tourism GNVQ intermediate
  • Mathematics AS/A2
  • Media Studies AS/A2
  • Music Technology AS/A2
  • Modern Languages AS/A2
  • Performing Arts VCE
  • Photography AS/A2
  • Physical Education AS/A2
  • Physics AS/A2
  • Psychology AS/A2
  • Religious Education AS/A2
  • Sociology AS/A2
  • Travel & Tourism AS/A2
  • Explaining Vocational Qualifications VCE & GNVQ intermediate

The Performing Arts Teacher has said if I take Performing arts I can do Lighting Design.


I can pick 5 Subjects and so far it is.


1 Performing Arts

2 Music Technology

3 Design Technology - Product Design


But I still need 2 What can I put on it??


Any Ideas


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I would say Physics and Maths, along with the ones you already have. They would stand you in good stead I am sure.


Unless you are no good/don't particularly enjoy either of those.


Don't be put off with maths. It IS useful!!




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EDIT- original Post removed and changed to -


Yeh I think I'll put down Physics and Maths as my 4th and 5th


So I think I will put them as


1. Drama

2. Music technology

3. Design Technology- Product Design

4. Physics

5. Maths



Thanks for the Help.


Adam (now slightly less confused :unsure: )

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ive also been told that getting on to tech theatre degree courses is much more about experience than grades. would I be right?


You would be right. But also you still need to keep up enough academic stuff too; thusly drama/theatre studies, physics and maths seems sensible, then the others of interest too.

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Personally I think I would have chosen:

# Computing AS/A2

# Computer installation and networking City and guilds level 2 qualification


Or maybe have chosen one of the above along with Physics. Gives a good understanding of computers and how to fix them when they go bad, a pretty useful skill I would reckon....

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I'm a little unsure that you seem to know little about the TYPE of course - you obviously know the individual names.




A levels - minimal real practical work, usually not industry based. Most use the exams at the end to test what you know, in theory. One exception is Music Technology - practical work based around recording and sequencing, with your end recordings submitted for examination. This is great, but you also need to be able to play an instrument and read music to stand any chance of good grades - can you read an orchestral score, for instance. You also need something like grade 5 music theory to make sense of some of the questions relating to harmony and compositional elements. You also need to do some serious work on classical western music - history, form, social circumstances etc.


I was principal examiner for this subject for quite a while.


VCEs - practical stuff, but in my opinion, a poor alternative for BTEC.



If you are good at remembering things, then regurgitating them on order in an examination and you really understand the background and theory A's are a great way of proving it. If you are good at actually doing things, then BTEC lets you get good grades that have a direct equivalent, point for point, with A levels at many uni's. VCEs fall between.


For my money, the C&G elec qualification option seem a damn good idea!


Most schools and 6th forms have problems offering BTEC because of the greater need for industry standard kit. VCE and A's tend to show you process, rather than real technique. (and are of course, MUCH cheaper to run and staff)


Look at the STAFF available to teach these things. Are they industry people who have then taken a teaching qualification or are they general teachers who know a bit about drama or music?


Make your choice - hold your breath for two years!


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