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heya, just like to say hi to all the new members - hasnt been on in some time.


I am thinking about purchasing - well decided on purchasing an edirol FA101 to start a proper recording setup with my laptop/pc.


Seeing as its 8-10 channels, I was wondering if I could interface the behringer b-control bcf2000 - if I am thinking along the correct lines here, the bcf2000 will act as a desk outside my pc for adjusting levels etc... rather than doing it with a mouse - please correct me if this is wrong.


I have got acid pro 4 and cool edit pro 2 but I am not sure whether these pieces of equipment will work with this software, so I was wondering if anyone ahs had experience with this equpiment with said software, or just used it could give me some advice on my decisions.


Thanks in advance



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Ok Matt first things first, why the edirol? Having had experience with this interface versus the m-audio fw1814 (if you need that many I/o's or its cheaper brother the fw410) I would recommend the m-audio due to better drivers, support as well as better quality pre-amps. The edirol provided system instability for me on both mac and windows platforms when utilised with cubase sx and adobe audition (formally cool edit pro).


As for the behringer controller it is possible to control the levels of a mixing application utilising midi although the exact way to do this is dependant upon the software being used. It is possible with cubase but I am not sure about cool edit?


The software you have specified that you have is very capable software however cool edit inparticular has limitations such as the inability to record midi direct from an input device such as a midi keyboard or the behringer.


To assist you further it would be useful to know what you intend to record.


Are you looking at multi tracking with small amounts of instruments played by one or two people or do you intend to record 8 instruments simulataneously?


Are you looking at utilising midi software applications to provide instrumentation?

ie: VST plugins such as absynthe?


Are you intending to edit , for example, sound effects or full musical scores?



Hope this all makes some sense!



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yeah, it does make sense.


it is probably and most likely to be used to record max of 10 instruments at a time - just to get a "live" recording of the performance ... and then edited down later (with help from the SOS mags mastering tips ** laughs out loud **) - I do sound for a local church gathering, and some of the band members want they're guitar playing or whatever recorded for whatever purpose.


the other application it will probably be used in will be a school... for the recording of some GCSE performances, (and just as an extra thing for me to play with when I am bored). And it would also be nice to be able to get tracked recordings of certain instruments, so I have a nice clean signal, rather than a lot of background noise from just 2 feild mics (I usually hire equipment in, but didnt have the budget this year, when we really needed it grrrrr ;) ) for the same reason before - for use in their gcse stuff.


I dont know the technicalities of it all but thats a basic run down of what its gonna be used for, so what I need is something around £300 with enough channels to record 8-12 simultaneous channels onto my lappy so I can mix later when I get home, or to the office etc... (more inputs than outs is favourable, but it doesnt really matter - min 8ins pls)


regarding the plugins etc... I am not plannning to use it with midi keyboard or stuff like that, (but this is a consideration - might do it in the future when my knowledge can encompass this), I was just thinking about using it as a mixing desk to interact with the software I have - I am well aware that it handles no audio itself and is just a control platform...


I would like it to control the mix by the desk, rather than using the mouse and track properties - saves time which we do not have a lot of these days.


I hope this adds more to the picture of what I want - and sorry if parts dont make sense - I not in a good state of mind atm



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I'm not sure (I'm more LX than noise) but I think what Poppadom's saying is the way to interface a desk for manipulating onscreen faders is through MIDI, and the downside of Cool Edit is that it can't pull levels off the desk through MIDI.
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ok, well thats what I wanna do, control the levels in the actuaal program with the desk I said... does it workin acid? or will I have to dig out my cubase cd from some unknown place...


...edit sometime later: I have decided to use adic pro, and get more plugins for it - aanyone know where I can egt any from?

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