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MR16 and GU10 lamp...


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This may be me being completely stupid but I thought there was a massive difference in the lamp bases of MR16 lamps and GU10 lamps. Ok they are both small halogen lamps but I though MR16 were the bi-pin (sharp pins and also low voltage) lamp and GU10 still two pins but like the ones on florescent tube starters (mains lamps)… Is this correct or is this wrong??? I remember Brain posting in Mains Birdies this which backs up my belief…


Low voltage birdies use MR16 lamps. Mains one use GU10.


Now for the reason why I asked this what seems to me a very stupid question… I went to B&Q to buy a GU10 50 watt lamp and found them by what they looked like but when I read the packaging it said MR16 240v then in small at the side GU10 for the lamp base… could someone explain. Is it that MR16 isn’t a base of halogen lamp but the type of lamp itself… I was just kind of confused seeing two what I thought were different lamp base names on the same packaging. (and the packaging isn’t used for both lamps as I found what I though to be MR16 lamps in different packaging saying MR16 base and they were made by the same manufacture...)


Sorry if I have made a stupid mistake I am just a little confused… :(


Thanks, :(

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They are indeed different bases. The 240v MR16 lamps have a GU10 base (two larger pins with flanges on the end, which 'push-and-twist' into the lamp holder), whereare the 12v version has a GX5.3 base (two smaller pins without flanges, closer together, which just push in without the twisting action).


(Isn't 'flange' a great word?! :()

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The confusion is that MR16 stands for 'Metallised Reflector 16(/8 inch) diameter' ie 50mm dia. You can also get MR11 (which are 11/8 inch = 35mm dia). A 'GU10' lamp is also 50mm diameter with a metalised reflector.


Over time most people have adopted MR16 to mean the 12v lamps with the GX5.3 base and the newer mains lamps with the GU10 base are called by their base name! Organised or what?


And yes 'Flange' is a good word but not as good as 'Interstitial'.

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They are indeed different bases...


Good so I wasn't going crazy they are different lamp bases... and yes I would agree "flange" is a good word... :(


The confusion is that MR16 stands for 'Metallised Reflector 16(/8 inch) diameter' ie 50mm dia...


Ok, I can see how I got confused I though MR16 meant a lamp base but actually this it the actual reflector type. As you say most people associate the name MR16 with the lamp and lamp base for a certain type of 12volt reflector lamps (I certainly did and I presumed this meant the base but I know the base is GX5.3) GU10 I presumed was the base type which it is but it is also now the lamp type name as well. So the packet was right it was a MR16 reflector lamp with a GU10 base it just confused me no end in the shop (even though I could see the base).


Well you learn new stuff here everyday… thanks guys :(

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