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Sennheiser IR rads ...


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Evening all,


as I yet again begin a search on the interweb, I throw open the topic for others to provide pearls of wisdom that future generations of Blue Room users can totally not search for.


Anyhoo, we've had a couple of power supplies go in our Sennheiser IR radiators both within the last few months and as all of our radiators were purchased at the same time, I'm hoping that this isn't indicative of a common failure.


Does anyone know of any usage problems that we should be aware of? They get switched on with the pre-show checks and off after the curtain has come down and have only a single channel sent to them. They are all set to single channel and are the BNC inputs with no internal modulator (can't remember the model number off-hand)


I'd appreciate any input (or cheap supplies of supplies ;) ) and I'll let you know if I come across anything.



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To provide feedback on this, the only solution that I, and another theatre, found was to send the units back to Sennheiser for part replacement.


If anyone lucks upon some power boards for IR rads let me know. It's a little costly to have to get the manufactor repair them.

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