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Petzl Counterfeits

Ken Coker

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I did try when the topic first appeared on climbing sites.




I did look to see if anyone had posted, but clearly not closely enough. Apologies for any perceived thunder-stealing. At least we've flagged it up.





No problems, just glad that it got noticed this time, quite a serious problem...



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I know it's expensive gear, but it's worth sticking to reputable dealers

Apparently these counterfeits are unusually convincing, but the problem of counterfeiting in general isn't new. So this is good advice for all PPE all the time, not just Petzl.


By the by, regarding the DMM thing: DMM make excellent gear, and some of their karabiners are *miles* better than the Petzl equivalents imo.

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From a climber's perspective, I *love* using DMM gear. Most of what I own, except belay plate, is DMM. Well priced, top quality, and made in the UK. Still don't trust anything like the quicklock/locksafe type gates though, too fiddly, and/or easy to unlock automatically. Screwgates for me thanks.
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