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Hello there. I am working on a show in the summer for a local school on a pretty small budget. I having been looking at some local hire companies in the local area with regard to sound equipment as the school's system isn't the best. I have been given a quote for a desk of £40 for a week of a 24ch Soundcarft LX7 desk. As I know very little about theatre sound, I was interested as to whether £40 was a good deal for the sound desk. For those who know about sound but don't know about the desk itself, the specs are as follows:


So it has 24 mono inputs and 2 stereo returns,


It has 6 auxs mix’s 2 prefade, 2 post/pre switchable and 2 post fade.


It has 2 stereo subgroups.


And Left/Right and Mono output


6band EQ on all the channels


Inserts on every channel and direct outs on the first 16


It’s fully flighted too.


That’s about it.




He did say that it was a cheap price for the desk. Is it a good deal?

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Cool. I know very little about sound. Just how to make it work. The desk that the school has is a little limited and I would like to add a few more inputs and outputs as last year we were changing which channel things were in halfway through the show. It went okay but it was a bit of a faff. Thanks!
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The LX7 is a nice little desk and £40 for the week is a good price.


Just to be pedantic, it's 4 band EQ with 2 swept mids, not 6 band EQ (not that takes anything away from the desk...even the most expensive tend to have 4 band EQ).



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All that said, it's possible that the hire company have discounted the price of the desk because the hirer is paying more for the other items-


for example, if the hirer has hired 8 radio mics and is paying full price for them, the desk is almost thrown in?


Just another thought :)

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