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DB Tech Speaker Crossovers Problem


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Hello to all here at BR-Forums!


Iv'e just bought a couple of DB tech. Arena SW15 subs to match our Arena 12 speakers we use for our cover band (pubs, halls) We currently run the tops using a DB tech. HPA3100L amplifier.

Having recieved the speakers the other day and giving them a look over I seen in the manual that the speakons are linked, and not high-out as I was usre I had read elsewhere.

In a panic and a whim I took the plate off the back of the bin to see for myself and low and behold, its just linked!! I had mis-interpreted what it said on their website:


"It can be easily combined with ARENA10 and ARENA12 high/mid units, due to the internal passive crossover. Also possible is bi-amp operation using an external crossover unit."


But theres no low-cut, high-cut out on either of the 12 or the 15.

Most dissapointed.


tops: 80 - 19000

Bottoms: 40 - 150


Now for the question. . . . .

I'm considering modifiying the tops to include a few more components and a switch to cut the mid driver's high pass to 150hz. buy a crossover that cuts at 150hz and switch it into the mid driver wires with a big 10A switch on the speakon plate.

This will stop the response of the two cabs overlapping and will be cheaper than buying another amplifier at the moment.


Has anybody done this?

Or think of a better idea?



Edit: Or I could do the opposite and put a board in the sub (more room etc.)

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I tried out the system last night without too much success just linking up the speakers.

And the subs on their own didn't do too well as the internal crossover had far too much spill above its crossover point.


We set up a pseudo crossover mono mix from two mono channels on the desk and ran the 4 cabs in mono (L=bass, R=Treble) and it improved it no end. Sounded amazing!

Both the high and low cabs really benefitted from having their crossover frequencies cut right out, made the whole thing clearer and punchier.


So the answer is I'm going to set up an active crossover and not bother with passive at all.


Anybody got a Driverack for sale?

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Why can you not just use an external crossover?


I wasn't initailly keen to get an external (active) crossover because I only have one amp at the moment so I was looking into refining the crossovers in the cabinets.

Since messing around with just running the PA mono, as in not Left/Right but Bass/mid+top, through the amp with an active crossover, I'm convinced that is the best solution at the moment.


I will look into getting another amp in the next couple of months.

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