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Acoustic doors


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One of our installation customers is looking for a supplier of acoustic doors, to try to keep the noise level down between two adjacent rooms. Google brings me up plenty of options, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience (good or bad) with any manufacturers?


The situation is a kids room which is going to be through the wall from a main room which will have a band that will probably be around 90dBa at their loudest. The budget isn't unlimited but I expect they won't automatically go for the cheapest option if there are better alternatives available.


The subs are going to be flown, so there hopefully won't be as much direct vibrations induced through the building structure itself.

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+1 for IAC. I've used their doors on a number of projects and they've been very good. For the record, I've also done a project using their modular radio studio system and was amazed at how good the final result was.


...nice people to deal with too.



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