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fireproofing nylon and synthetics


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Hi all


I just want to pass on to people info about fireproofing nylon fabric and other synthetics. I've had to treat a nylon marquee liner - and nylon and synthetics are notoriously difficult to treat to meet flame retardancy regs.


After trying all the solutions mentioned in previous posts about this, and having spent hours googling, buying an assortment of products at vast expense, and having absolutely NO success I stumbled across a product called FLAMETECT - made by Eco-Sol (on *bay no less ). Following a chat with them I got a small bottle of Flametect Nitro - absolutely fantastic results with one light application - two was even better. No ignition, no dripping, with a prolonged application of flame.


I must stress that I have NO relationship with this supplier other than that of being a customer and have never given a testimonial to anything previously. So happy to find something that actually "Does what it says on the Tin"


Of course other people may not get the same results with their particular synthetic - but save some time and cash by trying this stuff first rather than last as I did.

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