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Sunlite Easy Stand Alone


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Hey Guys and Girls,


I was working Saturday night where I had 12 Martin Minimacs and 12 LEDJ Stratos washes and then was presented with Sunlite's easy stand alone after asking for a small Avo desk or even the Chamsys...


So I get started baring in mind I have only played with the Sunlite Suite (not in real world though)


So everything addressed and ready to go... I open Sunlite ESA, I was like ....errr...errr.......


However I had 2 and a half hours to programme (thank god)


An hour in all done... I must say what a great little bit of get out of trouble software worked really well, no major hassles trying to work out what could be wrong, everything went as smooth as...


In fact I like the way it is all in a box... and laptop just brilliant... I think I want to buy a suite version, so the question is has anyone got or used the latest Sunlite suite?


Any opinions / hates about it is much appreciated


Look forward to hear the responses......


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