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Strand 500 OLE save show


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Hi everyone,

Perhaps a dumb question, but I cant work out where the strand 500 series OLE might save a show, I've tried all option and can't find the .ssf file anywhere!


I figured its something to do with it being a disk image, but this is all a tad above me so was wonderiong if anyone could shed any light on this!


Im using windows 7 and freedos.


Cheers, and apologies if this has already been posted, but I sure can't find it!




P.S I tried saving onto floppy, but I think I mounted the freedos onto the floppy drive, anyway round this?

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When you launch the OLE does a DOS window appear inviting you to map Floppy Drives etc...? Under SETTINGS: there is a line reading D-Drive: and then the file path for saved shows. This can be changed using the options in this window.
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