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Mackie 32 8 problem


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Hi all ! My mackie 32 8 has just started playing up recently !

The problem is that on ch13 and ch19 I only have to move the faders a tiny bit and it's "all or nothing". There is no difference in volume between "just off the bottom" and "unity", and only a little difference between "unity" and "full up".

Any one ever had the same problem ?http://recording.org/images/smilies/confused.png


AAAAAAHHHG Just noticed another one too. While trying a submix on subs 1,2,3 & 4 number 2 decided it would do the same. So now the problem is on board 2, board 3 and on the sub group board. I know these had an inherent problem with the ribbon cables too. Mine are the original ones,not even rev b or c let alone g. I did wonder if it was the fader buffers (and they're surface mount..grrrrr). Is mackie still the best place for spares or does anyone know any other sources ?

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