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Wide Angle Mover


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I have a possible project looming which could do with 4 movers to project a series of gobo's onto an area, the only issue being that it's rather short throw.


Can anyone recommend a moving head which can take at least 4 indexed gobo's and have a zoom which gets anywhere near 70 degree?

The lighter and more compact the better. Decent light output would be a bonus too, given the wide angle.


The only lamp I have used personally which comes close is the VL3000 but these are really a bit over size and weight but could possible be accommodated if nothing better is found.


Something in the Alpha 300/700 range perhaps?



(Is there any wide angle lens option for the mac700?)



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Best oens I can see are:



VariLite VL3000/3500 goes to 56 degress,

VariLite VL1000/1100 goes to 70 degress but as chris says I don't know whether the gobo would focus,

Robe Colorspot 700E AT that goes to 51 degrees,

Martin Mac III Profile goes to 55 degrees,

Clay Paky Alpha Profile/Spot 1500 goes to 59/57 degrees,

Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700 goes to 55 degrees.

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