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Outdoor Lighting.


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Hi guys,

I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before.


I need a cheap but efficient way to light 5 mature oak trees for a wedding this sumer.


In the past I've have used cheap halogen floods with green gels, but find after a few hours the gels always melt.

I've been looking into metal halide which seem to be the industry standard for this kind of thing, but there not cheap.

also looked into outdoor LED parcans but again are very expensive.


Considering using cheap old fashion PAR38 ES lamps, but not conviced that they will have enough throw.


Any advice would be much apreciated.

All the best




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How about making some frames to space the gels away from the floods? I'm sure I've seen a previous thread on this but can't seem to find it. Anyone?


This one?



Moderation: That's the one. I'll close this thread now, to keep all the discussion in one place. The whole thread is HERE - some interesting discussion before it moves on to those gel frames

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