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No Tilt - Skytec DMX Robo Scan (same as Eurolite TS-250)


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The tilt has gone on one of my Skytec DMX Robo Scan's (it's the same as a eurolite TS-250 & a skytronic something!) everything else is fine.


Sice I have more than one of these I have tried swapping the tilt motors & wiring over with the good scanner & the motor & wiring is good, Swapped over both processor chips & they are both good, & all 3 uln2803a's (darlington arrays) are good.


before it start desoldering components on the pcb does anybody know if there is a common component thats fails, if so which one?





And I more thing, does anyone know what unipolar stepper motors drive colour,gobo & stutter? There all the same but have no markings on them!



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