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halogen lamp inside peavey speakers?


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I have a few sets of the old peavey UL15 speakers and have noticed (while replacing a broken speakon connector) what appears to be a halogen lamp inside, from memory it was in series with the main driver although I could be wrong.


I am assuming its there to act as a protection device i.e. when cold = low resistance but when hot = higher resistance meaning it would reduce the power to the main driver if it was over driven (hopefuly preventing damage at the cost of a blown lamp)


would my assumption be correct?

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Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions, I doubt the lamp has ever lit up on these since each pair was being driven by a 250w rms amp.


these were used for several years on a fairground ride and actually sounded nice (not the usual muddy sound of a fairground) and apart from the grilles being rusty they don't seem to have suffered.



Going off topic here...

I would be interested in members thoughts about bringing these indoors as a sound system to a small night club, a new venture with a limited budget, would prefer to use what we have already rather than buy a new setup (at least initially)

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