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Decisions Decisions JBL vs EV


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Hi guys, hope you are all well. Just when I thought it would be easy to get a 15" active speaker, EV release the Live X Series. My choice has been whittled down to JBL PRX615M or the EV Live X 15" active speaker. Also seen the QSC KW152 speaker which looks very nice but the weight is considerably more.


I will also purchase the 1 sub to complment the tops in the event of a larger gig.


I mainly do pubs, clubs and weddings upto 200-250 people. Im a solo artist with backing tracks mainly doing 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s party music.


Currently have RCF722's with 905 matching sub. However, for the gigs where the sub is not warranted, im finding it hard to get the desired bottom end and fullness from the 12" speaker.


Based on the EV & the JBL choices what are your thoughts on this.


I know the ultimate decision is to test these speakers for myself, but, as always, its difficult to find a shop that actually has these in stock.





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