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Running Chamsys MagicQ Pc + mediaserver from mac book pro


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Hi there,


I'd like to know what kind if it's possible to run Chamsys magicq pc and a mediaserver from the same pc. I'm doing a project in which involves a lot of traveling and I'm driving lights and video. My current setup has a touchscreen all in one pc from which I run MagicQ pc which drives the lighting and a mac book pro running a custom coded mediaserver in Max MSP.

During the prep of this project I do a lot of "live" programming but in a few months when the show is finished I could easely do without the touchscreen as 99% of the ques will come from a limited number of quelist located on faders.

Running the show from my macbookpro would save a lot of space and be very practical when traveling...


What are your thoughts / experiences?





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Of course it is possible... Advisable, not really. Media servers are one of the few devices that like a lot of grunt. You say it is custom coded in Max... well only you (and the programmer) know what your true requirements are... however carrying two laptops is not that much more work than carrying one, so if the budget is there, go for two.
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