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NJD Merlin Scene/Chase programming


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Hello all,


I have not had the time to fully play around with all of the gear with this desk, but here is what I am concerned about:


For instance, take the lighting rig as 8 Abstract VR4 scanners (each 4 channel).

Now the Merlin has 16 channels (fader controlled, which can of course be allocated to various DMX channels).


4x4=16 so from what I see, I can only programme (into one scene) a maximum of 4 of my scanners?.

Essentially, the scene can only incorporate 16 DMX channels (on the faders)


How can in incorporate more than 16dmx channels, so use all 8 of the scanners in one scene.


I am sure there is a way to do this, The manual says and I quote "however if the predator was set to operate on channels 129 to 132, it is not possible to operate it using the sliders set as supplied. It may be operated from any of the 16 sliders by changing the slider allocation"


I understand this, but what if the user was trying to use more than 4 scanners in one scene?

Whilst programming do you have to change the slider allocation as you go?

If this is the case, is this not a little tedious?


There must be some people out there on this forum who have experience with this desk.


I have a feeling that I am missing something extremely simple, and am awaiting slapped wrists! :)


I would be grateful if I could have a pointer in the right direction.


Thanks very much


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I've also wondered about this, having played at great length with the merlin. It's what puts me off: it is laid-out unlike any desk I can think of and seems to me utterly counter-intuitive.

As far as I can make out, you are better off programming it more like the Masterpiece, where they recommend you assign colours to one scene, movements to another, gobos to another etc and then use those scenes fading to different levels throughout chases.

Even so, the touch pads get a little wearing after a while and you end up with RSI of the fingertips.

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Thanks for the reply Kevin


I picked this desk up for pennies to control my lighting rig because I am fed up of taking 3 different controllers along to control only one type of light.


I bought the poor man's masterpiece :).


Yes, that's what I thought I might have to do, programme movements, colour channels, gobo channels into scenes, and then programme them separately (gobo, colour movement etc) but run all of the programmes at the same time.


Has anyone else got an idea?




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Ive just re-read the manual for the Merlin and it does mention this problem. Their suggestion is to just assign faders to channels that need altering individually, but group the common settings (eg lamp on-off channels, effects/dimmers etc) onto a scene, then assign that scene to one fader, so all those common functions will be under one fader (actually a scene) so freeing up the others for individual control.


Otherwise you will be constantly reassigning the faders to channels which, as you have said, is mightily tedious and quite possibly soul-destroying.


I think in this respect the Merlin is showing its age.

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