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Hi everyone...


Conference question for you all here...


I am looking at providing a system that allows 10 tables to type questions into laptops to appear on the main conference screen with as little delay as possible but with the technician being able to screen the questions before they appear...


I can get all the laptops on the same network and wondered if there was any software anyone knows of that does what I am after?!


I have searched the forum but couldn't find any similar questions, sorry if I am repeating an earlier thread.


Cheers for any ideas....!

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When we do this sort of thing we run a web server on the network and use a webpage for the user to enter the data , another for the client to vet the data, flash embedded in PowerPoint to display the data and ms access to run off any printed reports, everything running off one database on the web server. The only thing is we tend to use ipads for the users.


Pm me to discuss further.

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How do you want the questions to appear on the main screen? Do you need control over the formatting/positioning? Do you want them to display as a list or individually?


I may have a piece of software that could be adapted to do what you need!



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PHP+MYSQL on a websever.


possibly jQuery or flash to sex up the display of results.


somewhere between 1 day and 1 month of development time. (very much depends on requirements and how nice it needs to look graphically.)


I would use Drupal web development framework to create this system as it is quick opensource and very extensible.

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