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Roland V-1600HD


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The Roland V-1600HD switcher is beginning to filter into the rental catalogues, and I plan on renting one fairly soon.


Has anyone used one on a job yet? I'm wondering what the quirks are. It must have some...


It has a fair few (we own two of them)... It has a slightly weak VGA output - did not seem to like a few combinations of gear (Barco R6 with Magenta cat5 system had issues getting sync to lock, until we put a DA on the output before the magenta's)... There is only one VGA out, so if your primary output is VGA, you have to use the inbuilt monitor (which is not always ideal). The menu structure is a little odd - it is very easy to miss the fact that the system menu has two pages (page 2 has test patterns). It can do a logo from USB flash drive, but cannot do a frame capture. Outputs are not individually scaled - so if you wanted to do a 1280x768 output to your projies, but send the SDI out to a record, you are screwed - even though you can route the bus to the output, you will get blackness. The 2 DVI/VGA ins are either 2 DVI-D inputs or 2 VGA inputs, you can't do one of each (there are two VGA/Component ins though).


Basically, it is a decent switcher for the price, but you need to think about your setup a bit more than with some other (more expensive) options

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Thanks mac. Plenty to think about there. Will clearly have to give myself a day to acclimatise.

The plan is to use it in "Dual" mode for events where we have English + Japanese on separate screens but with cam/VT sent to both via the DVI-D outputs 1 and 2.


I was under the impression that in "Aux" mode you could output at different resolutions, though this limits other functionality. This won't work in Dual mode AFAICT, which is a bit of a bummer.



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We have 1 in our hire stock.. we've been using it for corporate shows and events.


Recent example show inputs included

4 cameras (sdi)

vt playback (and backup playback (dvi)

powerpoint (vga) -

all mixed onto screens in dvi.


Worked a treat.. was a great easy solution without the need of a vision mixer and a presentation scaler switcher.


If anyone in the UK wants to see/ play/ demo the unit feel free to get in touch









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