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Programming Problems With JB Systems CMX 24


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Hi all, I am currenting working at a school and each year we run small productions and shows and we have some basic equipment for lights and sound.

We are wanting to use the JB Systems CMX 24 that we have to control the lights so that we can program some lighting sequences in to it and run them on cue.

Is this board purely for lights with audio or can I run it with lights only?

The instructions are very basic and I just cannot get it to work or store a memory of lights, anybody know how to use it and can help?

I would be so appriciative as im at my wits end with it, thanks.

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Thanks for your help, this manual is a lot clearer and easier to understand.

I have now manged to store and run a program which is good news but my only problem now is fading the lights.

They come on and off instantly and I cant get them to do anything else. When I change the fader to 5 seconds the lights are just delayed for 5 seconds before coming on.

Is there a way to get them to slowly fade up for 5 seconds and also dim them to say 50% as its either all or nothing when working them.


Thanks again for all your help.

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Pages 29 and 30 offer advice on both intensity's, and fade times. All though the descriptions are very brief. I would say that this is completely the wrong controller for the job. If you could persuade the school to hire or buy a different unit I think that you would have a lot more luck! As a cheap and quick alternative maybe it's worth having a look at this?
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It sounds like you have a faulty controller, as many of this type of controller develop over time the same fault. I have a very similar problem with a transencion controller.


When you move the fade slider , it shows a fade time in the display, but the DMX output is not fading , as you say it sits and waits the fade time , then snaps to the next scene.


I have on occasion contacted , Botex, and requested a solution to the problem, their advice was to buy a new controller, as the CPU has failed, and they do not supply these as a spare part.


Sorry to give bad news, but it sounds like it is broke.


Try contacting GLP as they are probably more amacable than Botex. and ask if they can help.

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We are using a Showtec MultiDim IEC MKII 4 Channel Digital Dimming Pack.

I have now figured out that the channels were acting as switches so it was either 100% or 0%.

I turned switching mode off and now the intensity can be set at any where between 0-100 and its now dimming.

All problems are now solved and we can do everything we need it to do so a big thanks again for all your help!

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