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Outdoor warm white LED lighting


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Weatherproof fittings for MR16 are widely sold, and LED retrofit lamps are available for these, if something more basic is required.

Warm white LED festoons of Christmas lights are readily available, and suitable for all year round use in some venues.

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Coemar Parlite


They do versions containing all white LED's or RGB.


I went through a similar process this time last year of trying to find an exterior LED par that would replicate the colour temperature of a CP87 and settled on the RGB version of the above. They do a remarkably good job, although it is slightly more yellow in a direct side by side comparison, and units used at close range will show the individual colours at the edge of the beam.


It's also worth noting that it's cheaper to buy the interior fixture and the weatherproofing back plate than as a premade IP65 unit. there are many LED fixtures out there that aren't listed as IP65, but can be made as such if you ask, normally with a readily available blanking plate.


I found that most fixtures containing solely white LEDs had to be made too "cold" to get any usable light from them. It may be more worth while looking for fixtures with RGBA or RGBW LEDs as you tend to get slightly better whites from them.

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