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Any body know about PSL amps please


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Hello everybody, I have posted this question before but thought it be worth another try.


I am trying to get some info about a PSL Vp 1012 stereo power amp, more to the point about the LEDs on the front pannel, I have searched the net for a manual of some kind but allways get nothing.


There is a LED for each channel marked active clip, as this green LED flickers at very low levels and is lit steady at 'normal' levels I presume that this lights up when a signal is present and then either changes colour, flashes or goes out when the channel clips, but would really like some verification from anyone who uses/remembers these amps.


also there is a LED marked viper or Vp (haven't got the amp here at the moment) that I haven't got a clue about!


any help greatfully recieved, cheers in advance.

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Ok I got of my lazy a**e and pushed the amp in to clipping and found that the active clip LEDS do turn red when clipping occurs.



I still don't know what the viper LED is for, any pointers?



also while I was investigating I noticed that there is a switch marked biamp on the rear of this amp, does anybody know if this amp has an internal x over?

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