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lighting synopsis


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This is some thing that you as the LD have to create, not every Lighting Synopsis is the same and is created by what the LD wants.


Start with the script, look at it scene by scene and then go from their, create a base state for each scene then when you get into rehearsals and see how the director want to block the production, you can then add other cues into the scene.



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Hey I am putting on the show Billy Elliot at malven theater and looking for a lighting synopsis for this, dont supose anyone has came across one have they ??

Hi Dale,


When you say "puting on" do you mean you're the producer? If so then all you need to do is appoint a Lighting Designer and he or she will take it from there. Let them read a script, see a set deign, talk to the director and designer(s), watch some rehearsals and then everything will magically fit into place.


BTW is this US venue or do you perhaps mean the Malvern Theatre rather than malven theater (it's sometimes considered rude to get the name of the venue wrong)?


Hope the show goes well.

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