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Just wondering if anyone could help me out with the desk I'm trying to use. It's not displaying on the monitor that's been attached. The desk itself turns on differently each time I power on. Sometimes all the control pad lights come on where as other times all that lights up are the assign masters and the edit chase key. The desk is totally frozen and I can't do anything with it.


Anyone have a clue about the problem. If you need more info I'll try to provide.


Cheers Tom

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Yep Ac support were fantastic. Im going to try changing the battery today see if I can breath life into the desk. Will update on how it goes.


If changing the battery still doesn't solve problem then I will look for a card fault. The console only need the assign masters module and the PSU to boot up successfully. So I'l uncouple everything and add everything back in one by one finding the faulty card. If none of this works then potentially its a fault with the PSU. AC told my they have enough spare parts to rebuild many a console.


Hope this helps



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It will be the battery. It is soldered into a double sided board. 3.2v CR ? from RS or Farnel. You want the horizontal mount version.


If your soldering skills are not great, cut the old battey off its three tabs, heat each tab individually and pull the tab out, then solder the new battery into the three holes left. You may need to use some solder wick to open up the holes. If you have a desoldering iron, it is much easier.


If you read most desk manuals, they say to replace the memory battery every five years.


A flat battery will produce wierd desk behavior.

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