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what is the best manufacture of projectors


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what is the best manufacture of projectors so fare I am liking the nec projectors and sanyo xu were good for hire stocks


I'm rather afraid that this is a type of question we're not keen on on the Blue Room.


If there was a best company for anything at all, then all other companies in that area would be put out of business because everyone would buy the best - why wouldn't you?

The reason that there are multiple companies in any field is that each fills a differing niche.


For instance, one company may manufacture the brightest projector, another the quietest, another the best value for money, another the cheapest, another the best for outdoor use, another the one with the most accesories as standard, another the one with the most menu options, another the best for touring, another the best for installs, another... well, you get my drift by now I assume.


What do you want the projector to actually do? Let's see if we can recommend the best for you.

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On behalf of a number of members asking the very same question - could I ask why a hire company who include in their stock, makes such as Panasonic, Sony, Benq, Infocus and Proxima - see the need to ask this rather basic level question?


I would assume that as a hire company, you'd have already bought the 'best'. If you are seeking opinion from a forum like ours, we wonder if there is any chance, perhaps, that your topic could have been created for reasons other than getting our opinion?


Of course, we could all be wrong, and maybe you are unsure your own equipment is the best, and don't have any knowledge of the projector market? If this is so, let us know and we'll explain the basics.

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I wish someone would hurry up and make the "best" video projector. I'm really bored of having to buy new ones or cross-hire machines which are more suitable for a certain task. I wish I could just buy the best projector and use it for everything forever, needless to say without ever having to replace a bulb!
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