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Can't connnect LS9 to Studio Manager on a Mac


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network to midi driver installed?


Make sure the firmware on the desk is the latest version, v1.18 I believe, then make sure you have the latest version of studio manager, v2.33 I think, and the latest LS9 component (all on the yamaha website), and as the previous post suggests, you need the latest version of network midi driver for the mac. I say you need the latest versions of everything, because the LS9 editor is fairly new for mac. Compatibility is detailed on the yamaha website.


Also worth noting, on the current setup I am using, I have to use a router to connect the machines, simply plugging in a straight ethernet cable from one to the other didn't work. I didn't have a crossover cable to hand, to see if that would work, but the manual says it should.


Make sure you know the IP address of the router, which should hopefully be, subnet to keep things simple, and then manually setup the IP address of the mac you want to connect to, and check the IP address of the desk. They should all be in the same range.


Then you need to setup the yamaha network midi driver, setup the advanced search to search for the desk by defining the IP address range. Re-label the machine ID of the desk to LS9 if you like, makes assigning midi ports a little neater.


In the studio manager software you need to setup the midi ports in the SM preferences, and then once you've opened up LS9 editor studio manager itself, in the session preferences, again you need to assign the midi ports. Then save and re-open. once you re-open the project with all the settings saved (midi ports assigned etc), it should sync.




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