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showtec multi-exchanger with zero 88 beta packs


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hello all im new to the forum. anyway never the less here is the problem ive got.

I have just bought a show tec multi exchanger(demux) and plugged it into 3 zero 88 beta packs.I assigined the multi-exchanger to channels 1-72 and expected to be able to fade up 18 channels in order getting all my lights from the packs. However this is not the case I have lights in no particular order all over the place and the secound channel fades them all up.

Im guessing it is an issue with the d connector not being wired up in the correct order.

Could some one please tell me if this is the case and if so what order I need to solder the 25 pin connector in.



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8-pin DIN connector wiring is here


25-pin D-type for Multi-exchanger is a bit odd and is shown on the back panel of the box:


25-pin D-type pins 1->12 (top row) are channels 1, 3, 5, etc. Pin 13 is earth and pins 14->25 (bottom row) are channels 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.

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