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SL 15/32 lamp life


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Two of our SL's starting playing up, the bulb would only last a matter of hours and this was becoming frustrating obviously, then after a while it seemed they were just not working at all, they rejected all the lamps we tried to put in them. We've checked all the wiring and the basics but nothing seems to look wrong...


Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to cure it???


Your help would be much appreciated :)



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A defective lampholder is a likely cause, do you still have any of the failed lamps ? If so inspect the base carefully, there are likely to be be burn marks if the holder was faultly and not making good contact. Sometimes the filament is still intact, but the lamp wont light because the contacts are burnt.


Another possibility is fake or inferior lamps, have you recently started useing cheaper ones, or well known makes from a doubtful source.


Imported lamps may be 230 volt, or even worse 220, they wont last long on our supply which is still 240 most of the time in most places, though I would expect more than a few hours.

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Hi Olivia


I have 31 SL's and one batch that the lamp holder was very stiff and you had to push very hard and broke a few lamp trying, but before I found this problem I thought it was a faulty lampholder, after try a few times I found it was getting easier.


I am getting a very good lamp life out of the GKV600 nearly double the quoted figure.


Hope this is of help.


Pete Magor

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