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Multiple Projection Windows


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I'm attempting something which is not new, but it's the first time I've been asked to do it.

I've been asked to project onto 10 seperate opening's in a set which needs to replicate the illusion of looking out from the inside of a building and watching the scenery move past all of the windows as if a person was walking past all 10 openings. The set is in a half circle with the openings spaced evenly around the half circle.


It's indoors and will be rear projected. There is minimal/no light between the projectors and the surfaces.

I'd prefer to use the projectors we own, Barco CLM R10's.


I'm rather confused as to which aproach would make the most sense to achieve the effect.

Which control gear would be best suited for this application?

The content will be supplied but can be edited to suit our needs.


I hope this makes sense.


Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like a job for catalyst as you can send single/ multiple layers to multiple outputs which can be keystoned and curved to suit. It depends how many projectors you have, how much space, but id expect you could cover a curve with 3 - 4 units. once the mixes are set up its pretty much plain sailing as far as the content goes allthough its going to have to be extreme widescreen video unless you are just going to rostrum through some hi res stills which might work just as well depending on what you are looking for.


you can also mask all the video on the catalyst if required , but its another level of complexity and the fact that the bits you dont need are hitting the back of the set and unseen may work. You might want to make a rough mask just to cut down on the amount of light bouncing off the back of your set, but ive done pixel accurate masking before and it takes patience.


The catalyst can be programmed and run either from its own interface or via a lighting board, it might be possible that the best approach is to get all the mixes or outputs setup in catalyst and run the layers or video cues from the board.


Its also probably a job for someone whos done it before to come and set it all up , but once its up and running, it should be straightforward


Its a fair Treck to SA for us to hire you something, but if you get in touch with richard@samsc.com ie the manufacturer, im sure they will point you in the direction of a SA rental co

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