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Dual head KVM switch


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Hi All,


I'm looking for a 2 way Dual Head KVM (USB) switch and wondered if anyone had had any good experiences. I want to use both outputs from a graphics card to create a control area of 3840x1200 on both my main and backup control machine. I've just bought one of these




but it doesn't seem to keep a continuous connection when you switch away from it so when you switch back the control software has minimised to only one screen, and occasionally when you switch to one machine or another it only 'wakes up' one of the outputs which is a bit boring!


My next step is probably to get one of these....




but I can't find any reviews on it and was hoping that someone here had had some experience of it or another device.


Any advice would be very welcome.




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I have a belkin one - its OK though the USB sometimes disconnects.


the Gefen stuff is generally very good though, if I were to buy one again I would probably go with gefen.


The other option is to use a single head KVM with a matrox dualhead2go. I've done this successfully with a VGA KVM in the past though you might have bandwidth issues with a DVI KVM not supporting 3840x1200

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