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New monitor system


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Anyone got any recommendations for a new monitor system for a church. Mostly contemporary "rock" style worship.


Looking for 8 x wedges on four mixes. Passive or powered system. Probably 12" drivers. Fairly low profile.


£5k - £7k budget?



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Does that figure need to include amps? What about EQ or DSP? Are wedges your prefered solution, or might some form of IEM work for you? You are not too far off the price of Roland's personal monitor system, but you would need their stagebox.


I use JBL's SRX712m, and although slightly more than your budget they are light, compact, can be used on poles and give the fairly 'characteristic' "bright" JBL sound.

I'm sure there will be comparable products from HK, Turbo, EV, Martin, RCF etc. One box which I haven't seen or heard but looks interesting is the DB Technologies DVX DM28 as it's powered and has inbuilt DSP. Obviously, you'd need to check it out, but the features appear to be good and the price is right...



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