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Old-Style Street lights


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Try Howarth & Wrightson in Manchester (if this is convenient, location wise). I hired one from them when I did My Fair Lady. I don't know if they have more than one, but it was excellent! It was free standing, about 2.5m tall and worked. Would suit Oliver very well.
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Dont know if its any use now but...

Were doing Oliver next year. We are having a Victorian style lamp, with a small bulb in it but its not going to "Light" anything. Were having a light up above in a warmish gel and that will light the area where any action near the lamp will take place.




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Our amdram did the Lying Kind last year and required a practical street lamp. We excavated a real, weatherproof, cast iron garden street light from the Director's garden. It weighed several hundred pounds and was really far too heavy for safety.


The local sparks who disconnected it from the mains cobbled up a 13A plug on the tails and a proper earth. It did not have one to begin with...owing to it being a conversion from a gas lamp aeons ago). Simple adaptors meant we could plug it into the dimmers. (Yes, the sparks PAT tested it too, with sticker...even tho' the "Portable" part of PAT was debatable, ** laughs out loud **.)


However from this I would, emphatically, suggest anyone else make one from carpet roll inner cardboard tubes and some timber. Spray/paint it all matt black and install a lamp/holder capable of being dimmed...with enough cable suitably terminated for your dimmers. Clear gel if you must have glass in the windows of the lanterny thing on top. Result is lightweight and electrically safer than a metal one.


The body of the prop is non conducting, lightweight and can be moved in relative safety by a single person. I defy any of the audience to walk out in disgust at a cardboard street lamp on the grounds it is not real...after all you are not going to have a real workhouse on the stage either.

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