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Head phones, what to buy?


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I am in need of a set of headphones essentially for live sound, I have a flexible budget but most

importantly they need to be robust. Any tips or suggestions as to what to buy (and where from) would

be really appreciated.



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This has been done before, have a look on the search page. That said, my own suggestion would be for Beyer DT250's. Robust, 80 ohm impedance and they're pretty comfy. They also sound better than the DT100's to my ears.
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No isolation, best fidelity: Grado (any model, but preferably the 125 or better).


Good isolation, very good fidelity: M-Audio IE10 buds (now discontinued ;-(.


Best isolation, good fidelity: ExtremeHeadphones EX29 (the latest version only). (Some headphone amps are a bit puny for these if you like to listen too loudly.)


Good isolation, decent fidelity: Sennheiser 280.


Lousy isolation, mediocre fidelity: Sony 7506.



All of these are around $100 save for Grado, which run from around $60 to very expensive.

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Sennhesier HD25 - mk2 - imo best headphones I have ever used, any part on them can be changed or replaced. Brilliant sound


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if you are wanting to keep the budget lower as HD25 can cost around the £140 mark depending on where you buy them from, the HD25SP are not bad either

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