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Magic DMX - DMX In.


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Setup- view DMX option soft button-click 4th and 5th column for the in options


Not quite. Thats for the main set of 32 universes within MagicQ, rather than the USB interface configuration. MagicDMX always maps to universe 1, so as long as it is enabled, itll always run from Universe 1. This then lets you configure a duplicate output for Universe 1 via artnet for example, without having to do the "copy" function in that window, similar to how the miniwing / pc wing / maxi wing configuration will automatically output Universes 1..4 on the outputs if you have the first 4 universes configured as something else.


MagicDMX interface options are under Setup > View Settings > Ports > MagicDMX Mode. There you can disable the interface, or choose between DMX Output, or DMX Input if you have the full interface.

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Just for information:

I received an interface with the MagicDMX base firmware.

I should receive a new one in the next days.



Would that be the problem Im having? I can select DMX In on the setup menu but magic DMX isnt listed on the View DMX I/O menu. I can see Artnet, Pathport, Acn, Shownet and Art Par.

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