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Tannoy Reveal 6D


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Afternoon all


I have a pair of Tannoy Reveal 6D active monitors, and in both of them the woofer has stopped passing audio, so it's just the tweeter. The connections to the board seem good, so it would appear to me that the problem is either in the amp or switching for the mute - I can't spot a relay in there though, which I've had cause problems before in similar setups.


It's happened in both of them, one about a month before the other, they are about three years old but have had very light use - maybe 3-4 hours a month. (They are booth monitors that we don't usually have a use for.) The only thing to mention is that unfortunately the sockets they are wired into is outside the switched power unit for the amps so they are usually left powered 24/7, although there'd usually be no input into them and they'd be muted on the units themselves. This may have contributed to the problem.


Looking on the web there seem to be a few people complaining of similar problems, and given that it's happened in both I assume there must be a weak point in there somewhere, so wondered if anyone had any experience with it.


Thanks in advance

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For future reference for anyone searching for this problem: The three switches on the back of the monitor - the Analogue/SPDIF selection, 80Hz HPF switch and L-R-Mono SPDIF operation are open chassis design, and leave the other contacts exposed when selected to either side. Anyway, upshot is this is all that was wrong, the switches were corroded so all it needed was a squirt of switch cleaner in the switches from the back panel, didn't even need disassembling. In my case it was the 80Hz filter switch that wasn't passing audio - I guess this is only effects the woofer section of the monitor so I guess that's why the tweeter was still passing.


Could have done with better switch components.

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