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Simple DMX Sound-to-Light


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Hello All


I am new here but was wondering if you could help with a very specific challenge. I've had a good 'search' but can not find the answer to my problem.


I am working on a simple application.


I have 'enabled' a powerful set of RGB LED lights ( all already DMX enabled) and was hoping to connect a simple DMX512 sound to light converter as a permanent feature to a standard home sound system. A set-up and leave application rather than manually controllable.


When I started this ( many months ago! ) there was a very small compact DMX sound to light converter module available that did this but Maplin no longer do it.


I was only looking to spend up to £200 but everything available now seems to be multi-channel and expensive.


Can anyone point me at a a simple off-the-shelf product that does this?


Many Thanks in Advance

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Hi David,


Do you have the manufacture's name and any specs on the lights. Generally (Not always), theses units have a built in Sound to Light function.

I know you mentioned you were looking for an external unit but the unit might have it on board.


Hope this helps

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What I have used before is something like this a cheap, small lighting desk. So you can have static colours, aswell as chases and sound to light and this one is less than £60 you might need a 5pin to 3 pin DMX adapter if your lamps have a 5pin conection but you can get that from any maplins for less than £10



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H Folks


Thanks so much for all your answers.


The lights are not currently sound-to-light enabled other than they carry data from a simple controller ( to change colour & intensity 7 switch to DMX ). They were made for me using bare die ... I really do not need anything that is programmable .. rather just pre-progammed.


I shall look at your other suggestions .. Thank You very much

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