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Blowtorch Effect


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Hi all


A local school is doing Hairspray this December and I've been asked about how to come up with the improvised blowtorch effect (Cigarette + can of hairspray) that appears in the jail scene.


I'm not actually involved with the show, just hiring them a few lights but when they asked, I stupidly said "I'll see if I can come up with any ideas".


Me and my big mouth!


So, if anyone can give me some info on how to produce this type of effect, or an alternative that would be great.


Please note that, although this is a school show, there IS a budget.


All ideas gratefully accepted.

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In the real show they don't use any flame at all (other than when it's being recorded) as the effort involved doesn't merit the work.


There's not really any "safe" way of creating a flame-thrower. Personally I'd de-activate a spray can and fix a screwed up piece of flash paper / wool to the "nozzel" so that it can be lit and create a moment of flame. More than enough for the audiance to understand but reducing the risks whilst still retaining a real flame.

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