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Sennheiser ew100 series 1 reset?

service dept Steve

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Hi Guys and Girls.

I have either an easy one or a non starter.

I have a Sennheiser ew100 reciever and handheld transmitter on the bench at the moment.

Although it all works correctly the reciever is showing fsd on the af meter.

The rf and the af meters both go out when either the transmitter is switched off or the frequency is altered.

If one of the twigs are removed the af meter drops by half, shouting into the mic does not show as af on the meter so it looks as if the meter has picked up on a fuction to show diversity instead of af level....

This is a seies 1 reciever, the later models have a reset as one of the functions but there doesn't look like there are any combinations of keystoke or hold/power.

Has anyone seen this before and able to offer a clue to the cure?

I realise that I might have to get rough with the controller which is a 72714 but don't want to if I don't have to.

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Not that its that helpful but I have exactly the same system with your identical fault. I have just lived with it but would be interested if you find a fix.

I too have had a similar problem with the same equipment. However as the equipment has been working fine acoustically I have never paid it much attention. Maybe I will have another look, particularily if you get any answers. My only gut feeling has always been that I have a mishmash of G1 and G2 equipment, I always assumed that this problem occured because I was using G2 transmitters with G1 Recievers, or the other way round!

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