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100v Line amplifiers


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Looking for 100v line amplifiers for a Hospital Radio's distribution system after the old ones were killed by someone clipping the output cables. I'm looking for some suggestions for amplifiers say up to 150w and 3U or less to fit in the existing rack cabinet. These will run 24/7 and get no attention, Can anyone suggest a good solid brand of amp and supplier, Local to Newham, East London would be good, but who can tell me what is on the market at the moment please.
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We are suppliers for the following models, all in 2U cases


Electrovoice PA2250T 2 x 250w 100v


Electrovoice PA2400T 2 x 400w 100v


Electrovoice PA1250T 1 x 250w 100v


however, these are power amplifiers only, without any input mixing functions....




If you need built in input mixing, look at the cloud range instead



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We use a lot of the RCF 100v-line amps, always have done and find them very reliable. We purchase them from Leisuretec who providing you are trade can give you a decent trade price on them. Australian Monitor are also quite a good brand and have serviced a few of those again with little problem.



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I'd suggest, if you are wanting to go real budget, then the Adastra stuff is actually alright.


If you want rock solid, I'd go for something from the cloud range, never used to see much cloud stuff end up back on the bench.



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