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Hi all,


I've asked if this is allowed but not received a response so here goes nothing!


Our marquee specific forum is now up and running and can be visited at www.marquees.co


Mods, feel free to remove if innapropriate!

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Scrap that! It was very quickly going in the direction of the various "DJ" forums around the place.



If you have a budget 6m x 9m "marquee" you put up for cheap in people's gardens then it could be a useful resource. Otherwise steer well clear and stick to the BR!



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I think it still has potential to go in the right direction but considering it's only got 40 or so registered members it's possibly not got awareness out to the right people.


As you said Chris, at the moment it does seem to be biased towards the 'lower' end of the market!


I myself am not involved in the actual marquee structures themselves but production within/around them. Remember the BR has quite a mix of members too. Just quite a few more and the mods are great at keeping the signal to noise ratio fairly high. And the BR has a fabulous ethic of helping pass knowledge on without requiring anything in return, but it too has threads that are a total waste of time.


Just give www.marquee.co some time and hopefully by next summer season it'll have started being useful.

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Alas I have had a falling out with the chap I set it up with and would not be welcome there!


He makes cheap marquees for companies and encourages a lot of people into the industry by the "it's a doddle to run a business" myth. He wants the forum to be a happy friendly place where poor safety practices, flouting of employment law etc. is allowed and "regulations" i.e. the law are not mentioned in discussion.


It's not the sort of thing I want to be involved with to be honest. I thought it could become a place (like the BR) where best practice is discussed and encouraged but he seems to be too worried that reminding people of the responsibilities they take on when they start a business would damage his business. In my mind there are enough cowboys out there already who need taking down a peg or two and reminded of the rules rather than being part of a forum which encourages that sort of behaviour!

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